Because WESA is so much more than a way to make real money online - but that's the first thing people are looking for...





Believe it or not, there are parts around the world where only $5 can feed a family of five for five whole days.


The truth is, we live in a world full of scarcity and poverty but this can change today if we all start to take the necessary action now.


I am a proud part of a community that aims to change the world that we live in.


You can join with me if you so choose to.


This community is completely free to join and pays out $5 per day.


This may not seem like much to you but remember the family of five that I spoke of earlier.

Sharing this community with people like this can change lives forever. I’m not offering to sell you anything.


This is not cash gifting or anything you have ever seen before.


We are in our modest beginnings but have already seen exponential growth around the world and out of the multitude of websites out there we are already one of the most viewed in the world.


Our current global ranking out of the billions of websites online is 16,932 and this has been achieved without any SEO or strategy to improve our rank.


Join me and register as a citizen of our cloud nation for free today.


You will never be asked to contribute any of your own money in order to join us or participate in our economy ever!


In fact, we pay you $2 just to officially register yourself as a citizen of our cloud nation.


You are then encouraged to use that same $2 payment to start participating in our economy and begin building long lasting and generational wealth with us from that original $2 payment.


In our economy, everyone can succeed regardless of who you are or whatever your background may be.


Whether you can contribute on your own in order to earn more and even faster or you need a helping hand from our community to even begin, we are here for you.


You have only a few tasks to complete.


You are only required to log into the community website and check your inbox for a daily message from your fellow community members in order to stay alert with our community.


You will receive a payment of $5 per day for this alone.




Other than that, we encourage acts of charity and love towards our fellow humanity.


This can be achieved by simply sharing our community with others in need.


For this you will be greatly rewarded not just with material gain but with the joy of having made the world a better place of hope, joy and prosperity.


The amount you receive grows exponentially by the number of people you invite to join us in our community if you so desire to do so.


Recruiting is not required.


This is not a business opportunity, network marketing or MLM.


This is nothing like that and there is nothing to even buy or sell.


Again, this is nothing like you have ever seen before.


We are a community and cloud nation of like-minded individuals seeking to merely share in abundance.


If you think that your principles can fall in line with ours, join us today.


God bless!




This is not about gifting or anything you have ever seen before. It's about building a community of like minded individuals who have a combined Divine will to help each other to manifest God’s abundance of Peace, Hope, Harmony, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Liberty and Love. 

Join Us

If you are willing to share the love you will receive greater rewards!